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Hydro Excavation Gold Coast

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Hydro Excavation GC & Surrounds

At Gold Coast Leak Detection, we know our customers don’t want to have their yards destroyed so we can repair their pipework. That’s why we have invested in non-destructive equipment.

Our Vermeer vacuum excavator lets us get down to your problem plumbing, drains and pipes without damaging your lawn, garden or other utilities such as phone and internet—no digging required. What’s more it allows us to save on time, labour and materials so we can pass those savings on to you!

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Vacuum Excavation/Hydro Excavation

For precise and time-efficient plumbing jobs, choose our hydro excavation services. We use high-pressure water and vacuuming to excavate or dig soil without causing damage to your underground facilities. As a non-destructive process, you can rely on our hydro excavation method for digging utility holes, trenching soil and clearing pipe sewers.

Gold Coast Leak Detection are committed to the clean-up procedures as well as the excavation process, which means that we will ensure that all slurred debris is vacuumed up and new ground surfaces are unearthed. For more information, get in touch with our team today.


Benefits Of Hydro Excavation

There is a certain level of struggle involved with locating underground services, and care needs to be taken where delicate or expensive infrastructures are in place. That’s why we use our portable excavator to make plumbing jobs easier and accurate.

The benefits of this service include:

When compared to traditional digging methods, hydro excavation is a lot less time-consuming. This is because there is no need to transport debris with dump trucks as the vacuuming process functions as a cost-effective solution. It suctions all displaced dirt and stores it in a debris tank which is mounted onto our truck for quick removal.

Traditional excavation involves the use of technical and dangerous equipment. These methods can cause several risks to tradespeople and bystanders, including cave-ins, falling debris, and other hazardous conditions.

Nonetheless, hydro excavation allows for workers to remain at a distance as a pipe extension emits water. This water functions as a non-hazardous substance that causes no extra damage to underground facilities when used for digging. This means it’s also a better option for the environment.

Traditional excavation methods include the use of backhoes and hand tools. This means that extreme manual labour is required which makes operations time-consuming and more costly.

Our hydro excavation services require a lesser amount of professionals meaning lesser cost to you for the same finished product.

Where fragile structures or pre-existing factors contribute problems to underground plumbing jobs, it’s best to opt for our hydro excavation services. This is especially the case for tight spaces.

This is because the process reduces backfilling and reduces the need for additional repairs that are associated with traditional techniques.

Where your underground structures are damaged or inoperative, you want to minimise the risk of further interruptions to your home living or working day. This isn’t possible with drilling and backhoeing techniques.

Due to the use of high pressure water, this naturally avoids pipes and other underground utilities meaning lower chance of causing sometimes costly issues.

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Leak Detection Experts

Gold Coast Leak Detection is committed to providing all-around customer satisfaction. We do our very best to ensure that customers feel safe and are left well pleased with our services. So, why choose us?

  • 18+ years experience
  • Experts in leak detection & hydro/vacuum excavation
  • Competitive fixed pricing
  • $0 call out fee
  • Call out fee not added to service pricing
  • Fully licensed & qualified


If you think you have a water leak or are in need of hydro excavation on the Gold Coast, please call our friendly team today. We can find the issue and fix it quickly, saving you time and money, all without digging up your yard

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When To Use Hydro Excavation

Vacuum hydro excavation is best in situations where soils contain many rocks or are challenging to work with for other reasons. Problem soils include those that are:

  • High in clay content
  • Frozen through
  • Undergoing heavy compaction

Traditional excavation methods usually don’t work effectively in these circumstances.

Hydro excavation tools can dig deeper than conventional destructive diggers and have more precision, letting workers meander around other critical infrastructure preventing damage. Hydro excavation is helpful in bulk excavation projects and potholing required to spot utilities while drilling horizontally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydro excavation is one of the safest excavation methods on the market. It is precise, time efficient and involves minimal labour—making it very safe!
We clean it up! Our team are committed to the clean-up process, which means we will ensure all slurred debris is vacuumed up and new ground surfaces are unearthed.

Hydro excavation can go surprisingly deep. Most systems let workers excavate to a depth of 70 feet, though some specialist equipment can go deeper. Usually, hydro excavation projects occur within 500 feet of where the truck parks.

Hydro excavation is usually preferable when digging in sensitive areas. That’s because operatives can carefully control the amount of material they remove. They can also avoid destructive excavation that might damage surrounding infrastructure.

Engineers developed hydro excavation in response to the needs of clients. Many customers want excavation methods that avoid disruption, particularly businesses and local councils operating in city centres.

Hydro excavation improves excavation by keeping footpaths clear of debris and holes. It also reduces the risk of falling and the overall noise level.

Hydrovac excavation begins with the removal of pavement slabs and any topsoil underneath. Once builders remove this material, the hydro excavation process can start.

Operators use powerful water jets to blast the soil apart during hydro excavation. A nearby vacuum then sucks all the loosened slurry into the truck.

Some hydro excavation professionals use straight water jets. Here, water blasts out of the nozzle at high velocity to dislodge and remove soil. This type of jet is easy to aim and control. Operatives can remove material from specific areas, letting them work carefully around pipes. However, straight jets are not the fastest or most water-efficient type of jet.

Hydro excavation equipment can differ significantly. Manufacturers equip vehicles with varying capacities for slurry and water pressure. Some systems are larger and more powerful than others, though it depends on the application. However, the general principle remains the same. Hydro excavation involves shooting water at high velocity at subsoil, loosening it and then turning it into a slurry that the vacuum can slurp up.

Hydro excavation requires a container, such as a truck, to carry all the excavated soil away. Limited capacity may slow down work in some instances.

Hydro excavation also requires a dumping location. Workers don’t usually use excavated slurry to fill the hole back in because of its high water content.

Air excavation is a viable alternative to hydro excavation used by some construction firms. It uses compressed air to loosen the ground around soil but functions in the same way as hydro excavation, otherwise. Air is not as effective at dislodging material but operatives can use vacuumed soil to refill holes.

Hydro excavation is popular among utility firms, oil and gas companies, contractors, construction workers, and pipeline providers. However, many industry experts believe that it is the future of excavation. Once equipment becomes more widespread, more clients will likely start using it. Hydro excavation is particularly helpful in brownfield projects.

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