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Fire Line Leak Detection Gold Coast

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Is your fire line showing signs of decreased water pressure? There might be an internal leak somewhere in the system. At Gold Coast Leak Detection, we’re the premier service in the region for fire line leak detection and repairs.

A leak in your fire line can have devastating consequences in the event of an emergency. Obstructions to your fire line could cause the system to lose water pressure, rendering the fire line hose useless in the case of a fire.

If you suspect there’s an issue with your fire line, get in touch with our team today. Be cautious and ensure the safety of your property. Call 1300 433 585.


How To Spot A Leak In Your Fire Line?

Spotting a leak in your fire line can be difficult as the entire piping system is hidden underground. As this line is only scarcely used, it is imperative to find and repair and problems in the system—so you’re not finding out about any issues when you need the system most.

There are several signs that indicate a leak in your fire line system. They include:

  • Unexplained puddles on the ground
  • Signs of corrosion on fire sprinkler or fire lines
  • Damaged sprinkler heads
  • Among others…

Frequently Asked Questions

If a leak develops in the water supply pipe leading to the fire hydrant, water will be able to escape from the pipe and hydrant. This will cause the open hydrant to stop producing water.

There are four levels of water pressure produced by fire hose lines:

1) Dead nozzle pressure: minor runoff or no flow at all

2) Slow force: allows for quick knockdown power before freezing down

3) Medium force: supplies medium spray to hold a fine mist downstream for cooling purposes

4) Blast stream: full force provided most proficiently. This is most often used in fighting large fires

If you suspect a leak, call 1300 433 585!

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