Storm Water Leaks

Storm Water Leaks

Is your property suffering from rising damp and flooding issues from rain and storm water run-off? Many properties on the Gold Coast are suffering major damage during storm season.

Gold Coast Leak Detection is committed to servicing commercial and residential property owners who are experiencing water leaks as a result of recent storms.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction by going above and beyond to locate the source of your leak – whether it requires searching underground, beneath walls, or under concrete.

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Storm Water Leaks Gold Coast & Surrounds

Sometimes, it’s not quite as simple as following the mess to source the problem – especially when it comes to internal water damages caused by storms.

That’s why Gold Coast Leak Detection uses state-of-the-art technologies that local residents have come to rely on and trust.

We use thermal screening methods to source hidden problems that are almost always impossible to locate with the naked eye. This means we can identify problems quickly and reduce the amount of damage caused to your home or external structures. For our customers, this translates into cheaper repairs.

Our CCTV and thermal leak detection services also allow us to identify problems without having to take apart walls or floors. This is because our systems provide us with accurate, high-grade information on the condition of your internal and external structures – meaning we can go straight to the source without having to perform complex searches.

For professional leak detectors that use thermal and sonar equipment, get in touch with Gold Coast Leak Detection today.

Storm water Leak Repair

There are several factors that can cause your water or drain problems during a storm. The most common is that drains become dislodged due to ground movement or tree litter or debris causing pipe bursts or breakages.

Whatever the issue, there are several signs you to watch out for that indicate your home is suffering from water leaks. These include:

  • Overflowing gutters
  • An increase in utility bills despite no change in habits
  • Pools of water appearing in your yard
  • Water bubbling from your downpipe
  • Cracks in the plaster
  • The sound of running water or dripping
  • Rooms that smell damp or musty
  • Mould on walls or ceilings.
  • Stains or discolouration on plaster.
  • Pools of water at the base of walls
  • Rotting wood or peeling wallpaper

If these problems occur in correlation with a storm, then it’s likely that the Gold Coast’s inclement weather conditions have wreaked havoc on your home.

Gold Coast Leak Detection has ample experience and expertise to ensure these problems are dealt with in a quick and efficient manner.

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We understand that homeowners want to save money where they can and, by hiring a professional to source your stormwater leaks, you’re able to do so. Our top-quality equipment means there’s no need to tear down walls or structures to source leaks, allowing you to save on labour costs.

What’s more, trying to source a leak on your own can be incredibly time consuming and cause maximum disruption to your working day. Hiring a professional means that you can leave hard procedures to those who understand them and can carry them out as quickly as possible.

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