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Thermal Leak Detection Gold Coast

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Thermal Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging For Water Leaks

Using the latest in thermal imaging technology, we’re able to see problems, discover leaks and inspect under floors without any invasive destruction to your property.

While thermal imaging detectors cannot ‘see’ water leaks, they detect differences in temperature and patterns in order to confirm water leaks and pools of water that cannot be seen to the naked eye.

Using thermal leak detection equipment, we are able to determine:

  • Leaking showers
  • Leaking bathtubs
  • Roof leaks
  • Pipe leaks
  • Leaks in slabs or under floors
  • Position of pipework in walls
  • Location of hot & cold water services
Thermal Imaging

Thermal Leak Detection: Most Effective Areas

Understanding where thermal leak detection is most effective is key to protecting your property from water damage. By focusing on the areas where leaks are most likely to occur, Gold Coast Leak Detection can save you time and resources while ensuring the integrity of your home or business.

Roof And Ceiling Leaks

Thermal imaging is particularly efficient in identifying leaks in roofs and ceilings, where water can infiltrate through damaged shingles, flashing or other compromised materials. Addressing these leaks promptly can prevent structural damage, mould and mildew growth.

Plumbing Systems

Thermal leak detection is highly effective in locating leaks within pipes, fittings and fixtures of your plumbing system. Swiftly identifying and repairing these leaks minimises damage and helps maintain the overall health of your plumbing system.

Basements And Crawl Spaces

Due to their close proximity to the ground, basements and crawl spaces are susceptible to water ingress. Thermal leak detection can efficiently pinpoint areas where water is seeping in, allowing you to tackle the issue before it results in structural damage or mould growth.

Window And Door Frames

Poorly sealed windows and doors can allow water to penetrate your property, leading to damage and increased energy costs. Thermal imaging is effective in detecting these issues, enabling you to seal gaps and prevent further problems.

HVAC Systems

Leaks in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can negatively impact efficiency and lead to higher energy bills. Thermal leak detection is ideal for identifying problem areas, facilitating targeted repairs and ultimately improving system performance.

By focusing on these most effective areas for thermal leak detection, you can ensure the protection of your property and maintain its value.


Reliable Expert Leak Detection

Gold Coast Leak Detection provide high-quality thermal imaging leak detection services to promptly get to the root of the problem. We use our specialist equipment to locate the leak, provide our recommendations of the right solutions for you and then get to work!

We know the damage that leaks can cause when not taken care of, so we’re dedicated to rapidly diagnosing and resolving issues with leaks, whatever the circumstances.

If you have issues with a suspected leak anywhere in your property, you need professional and reliable leak detection services. Leaks can potentially cause serious damage to your home and belongings, including the risk of flooding occurring.

Reliable leak detection services from specialist plumbers are essential to quickly locate and repair leaks in your home before they cause any further and possibly expensive damage.

Thermal Imaging Icon

Thermal Imaging Technology For Water Leaks

Our professional equipment and extensive experience with leak detection give you the peace of mind that there’s an effective solution for your issue with leaking. Whatever the nature of the leak, our equipment will identify and measure it with complete accuracy.

We use non-invasive cutting-edge thermal imaging technology that gives unbeatable accuracy when locating water leaks without mess or disruption to you or your property.

Our specialist thermal cameras use infrared imaging to detect problem areas that aren’t visible to the naked eye, meaning we can accurately identify leaks in areas that you cannot see.

An added benefit of thermal imaging cameras is that they can examine large areas more rapidly than other approaches to leak detection. Thermal imaging is also a completely non-invasive method of leak detection, avoiding mess or disruption at your property.

A Professional Thermal Leak Detection

Importance Of Professional Thermal Leak Detection Services

Water leaks can lead to significant damage to your property and belongings, as well as increased utility bills and potential health risks from mould and mildew. Professional thermal leak detection services offer several benefits that make them a critical component of any property maintenance plan.

Accurate And Efficient Leak Detection

Professional thermal imaging services utilise state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technicians to accurately locate leaks quickly, saving you time and money on costly repairs.

Non-invasive Approach

Thermal leak detection is a non-destructive method, meaning there is no need for drilling holes or tearing down walls to find the source of the leak. This minimises disruption to your property and reduces the cost of repairs.

Early Detection And Prevention

By identifying leaks early, professional thermal leak detection services can help you address issues before they become more extensive and costly to repair. This proactive approach can save you money and help maintain the value of your property.

Expert Recommendations

After identifying the source of the leak, professional technicians can provide you with guidance on the most effective repair solutions and offer recommendations for preventing future issues.

Peace Of Mind

Knowing your property has been thoroughly inspected and any leaks have been addressed by professionals gives you the confidence that your home or business is safe and well-maintained.

Experts In Leak Detection

Experienced Leak Detection Specialists

We have extensive experience in thermal imaging leak detection, as well as services for blocked drains and other leak detection services. We’ve been delivering our services to Gold Coast customers since 2000, meaning our skilled team of plumbers have the ability and expertise to identify leaks in your home quickly and with accuracy.

Not only do we offer recommendations for the most appropriate solutions, we also offer recommendations to prevent the issue occurring again in future. For reliable leak detection on the Gold Coast at an affordable price, give us a call on 1300 433 585 today!

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We provide services for thermal imaging leak detection Gold Coast-wide. Our team are highly committed and have real expertise in using thermal imaging equipment to accurately diagnose leaks at a vast range of properties. When you choose our leak detection services you can be confident that your problem will be identified and addressed rapidly and effectively.

We’re proud to offer fair pricing and we don’t charge call-out fees. If you need professional thermal imaging services for leak detection in the Gold Coast, give us a call on 1300 433 585 today! We’re available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thermal imaging uses infrared radiation to identify thermal variations on the surface of an object. This technology is used to detect water leaks because leaks cause a change in temperature that can be seen with thermal imaging.
Thermal imaging technology is not invasive. It involves using a small device to determine thermal radiations. No digging or manual labour is required to find an accurate reading on a thermal imaging device.

In a matter of minutes, our experts can detect and fix any leak with the help of thermal imaging technology. We use non-invasive methods to find leaks while causing minimal damage to your property—no messy or destructive techniques necessary! Our experienced professionals come equipped with top tools and provide step by step support throughout the entire process. From a simple phone call consultation all the way through to finished repairs, you’ll get reliable solutions that last for years ahead.

In addition to thermal leak detection, we provide

  • Storm water leak detection
  • Water main leak detection
  • Underground leak detection
  • Pool leak detection
  • Fire line leak detection
  • Commercial & body corporate leak detection
  • General plumbing such as CCTV drain inspection, vacuum/hydro excavation & blocked drains


For more information on our services and how we can help, get in touch with us today on 1300 433 585.

Signs of a leak include water pooling, a sudden increase in water bills, mould or mildew, damp patches on walls or floors and a musty smell. Other indicators of a possible leak include discoloured or bubbling paint, peeling wallpaper and cracking or warping of floors. If you suspect a leak, it’s important to contact a professional leak detection service as soon as possible to prevent further damage occurring.

No. We do offer an extensive range of leak detection and repair services, including thermal imaging to detect and fix water leaks and pipe leaks, as well as plumbing services, emergency plumbing services and scheduled appointments to suit you. However, we do not offer services for roof leaks, window leaks, tap leaks, toilet leaks, showerhead leaks and motor vehicle leaks.

We service the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. This includes the suburbs of Tweed Heads, Kingscliff, Burleigh Heads, Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Southport, Robina, Mermaid Beach and Coolangatta. We also cover all surrounding suburbs and are happy to travel to other areas upon request.

Our business hours are 7am – 5pm 7 days a week, however our after-hours emergency service is available 24/7. If you have an emergency, please contact us on 1300 433 585 and we will do our best to get to you as soon as possible.

We understand that plumbing emergencies often happen at the most inconvenient times and can cause significant damage if not attended to quickly. Our team of experienced professionals can help swiftly and efficiently diagnose and repair any leaks, no matter how big or small.

If you suspect a leak, call 1300 433 585!

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