What Are The Most Common Causes Of Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains are not only inconvenient, but they also represent a significant health hazard. If left alone, they can also cause long-term damage to your property, and because drains are underground, fixing them is both difficult and expensive.

At Leak Detection Gold Coast, we deal with hundreds of blocked drains each year. In most cases, the problems we see are completely avoidable. So, in this blog, we are going to look at the five most common causes of blocked drains.

This will help you put preventative measures in place to avoid drain damage in the future. Keep reading or give us a call on 1800 988 299 to get a free quote!

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Tree Roots Cause Blocked Drains

Trees are beautiful, but tree roots can cause significant damage to your drains and pipework. Tree roots seek water, so your drain acts to draw them in. Once they find their way in there, your drain will soon become blocked.

You can prevent this by not planting trees or shrubs anywhere near your drains. If you already have trees planted near a drain, consider moving them before they get too big. If they are already too big, trim the roots back each autumn.

Grease & Fats

Grease and fat deposits remain one of the most common reasons for drain blockages. Pouring waste cooking oil down the drain causes it to stick to the lining of the pipe. The pipe eventually becomes so clogged, liquid can no longer pass through.

You can prevent grease and fat build-up by disposing of waste cooking oil with general waste. Pour the hot oil into a glass or plastic container and allow it to cool, then dispose of it with your general waste as normal.

Old Drains & Pipes

Drains last for decades if properly cared for, but if other problems exist, they can deteriorate quickly. Common causes of collapsed and/or drains include; flooding, age, building work, car parking and tree roots.

You can prevent deterioration of your drains by making sure standing water drains away quickly. You should also avoid placing heavy objects such as hot tubs and gazebos directly above the drain itself.

Pipe Scale & Tuberculation

Pipe scale is a problem on older cast-iron drains. Over time, the lining of the drain corrodes through a process called tuberculation. This leaves a scale-like deposit on the drain lining, which reduces fluid flow and traps solids.

Contact a professional drain cleaning firm to remove pipe-scale using high-pressure hoses. Do not attempt this job yourself, because high-pressure hoses can cause structural damage to the drain lining and joints causing more costly repairs being required.

Flushing Toiletries

Wet wipes, nappies and feminine products do not disintegrate in water as toilet paper does. They absorb water, so flushing them down the toilet causes them to expand. Eventually, this leads to blocked drains and other problems.

You can avoid this by disposing of these items with general waste. Keep a sanitary bin close to the toilet and use it to dispose of sanitary towels and wet wipes. Wrap waste nappies into a ball before placing them in a plastic bag and disposing of them in the general waste.

As you can see, most blocked drain problems are easily prevented. By using the above methods, you will dramatically reduce the risk of your drains becoming blocked.

Do you have a blocked drain? Don’t panic, most drain blockages can be easily fixed if caught early. Give Leak Detection Gold Coast a call today on 1800 988 299 or enquire online for a FREE quote.

We use the latest diagnostic equipment to identify the location of blocked drains quickly. We can then repair the drain before it causes more substantial damage to your property.

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