Leak Detection Services Gold Coast

Working with our sister business, Tweed Heads Leak Detection, our experienced teams of heavily qualified plumbers and leak detection specialists service from Gold Coast QLD to Ballina NSW and EVERYWHERE in between.

For further information on our services, please select from the below or give us a call on 1300 433 585 today!

PLEASE NOTE: Gold Coast Leak Detection no longer perform pool or shower leak detection. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Expensive water bill? Ground constantly wet?
Water meter spinning when all taps are turned off?

These are just some of the more obvious signs you may have a water leak. Depending on the leak, you may lose anywhere from a couple litres to thousands of litres of water per day. This can cost you a significant amount depending on the severity of the leak.

Using vacuum excavation means our team are able excavate deep  underground without causing extensive damage to any underground utilities or piping.

Choose Gold Coast leak Detection to locate the leak, exaction and repairs. Our experienced team have 18+ years of experience in proving fast, affordable and reliable vacuum or hydro excavation.

There are a number of different types of blocked drain pipes that you could be experiencing, such as a blocked sewer pipe or a blocked shower drain pipe. The most common causes of a sewer blockage are tree roots and broken or cracked pipes. 

Sometimes there are foreign objects which have entered into the pipes and become lodged which may result in blockages.

Using the latest in thermal imaging technology we’re able to see problems, discover leaks and inspect under floors without any invasive destruction to your property.

Is your property suffering from rising damp and flooding issues from rain and storm water run-off? Many properties on the Gold Coast are suffering major damage during storm season. Please call for more information.

We use the latest technology to inspect all internal and external house drainage lines. The entire inspection process is recorded on to DVD/USB so you can view any cracked pipes or problem areas.