Why You Shouldn't DIY Blocked Drains

Have a blocked or slow-moving drain that you want to clean? Need an affordable and environmentally friendly solution? You might be tempted by the age-old baking soda and vinegar recipe. But before you reach for the cupboards, you should know that this won’t work.

At Gold Coast Leak Detection, we highly recommend that you do not attempt to rectify the issue yourself. Adding extra chemicals will only worsen the issue. Give our experts a call on 1800 988 299 and we will be there as soon as possible.

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Does Baking Soda & Vinegar Unclog Drains?

When simulated in an experiment, baking soda and vinegar were tested against another cleaner (hot water and detergent). In this experiment, one tablespoon of butter was used to represent a fat, oil, and grease drain clog.

After just five minutes, the hot water and detergent solution had melted away a portion of the clog. However, in the baking soda and vinegar solution, the clog was still present and had not changed. Because vinegar is an acid and baking soda an alkali, the two will react and fizz. This chemical reaction will produce salty water. While it assists in clearing bacteria, it is not something which will prove much good to clean drains with. 

The two ingredients are also not surfactants (compounds that lower the surface tension of liquids) so they will not help to wash the clog away, either.

In order to unblock a drain, you will need to call the experts at Gold Coast Leak Detection. Our team are experts in drain unclogging, pipe repair, CCTV drain inspections and more!

Does Baking Soda & Vinegar Damage Pipes?

In the chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda, pressure is created from produced carbon dioxide gas. You may have seen this in an experiment at school or on television, where the reaction is performed in a closed container such as a balloon or a bottle. In this instance, pressure will be created.

However, the crucial fact is that your drain is not a closed container. Therefore, the combination of baking soda and vinegar will not produce nearly enough pressure to blast out the clog in your pipe. This is where our modern technology and up-to-date techniques come into play. Give us a call on 1800 988 299 to get a quote!

Why Do DIY drain clearing solutions appear to work?

Often shelf bought drain clearing products are marketed with the instructions of pouring hot water down the drain afterwards. Crucially, it is the hot water here that is doing most of the work. Unfortunately it is more marketing than actual drain unblocking.

The temperature, and the gravity of the water pouring down on top of the clog, will help melt it down but will more than likely become clogged in another location of your pipes. The baking soda and vinegar solution will not have made a bit of difference to the process beyond wasting two key ingredients and causing potential damage to your pipes.

When To Use Enzyme Solutions

Sometimes, a clog in your drain cannot be fixed by pouring boiling water down the drain. This is usually for matted hair or other organic matter such as food particles.

In this case, you should consider using a green enzyme drain cleaner. These environmentally conscious options contain enzymes and bacteria which are designed to eat through and dissolve any organic matter causing a clog in your drain and clearing out the pipes.

You can also try using a cleaner made of monosodium sulphate. This non-toxic acid is equally designed to dissolve any organic clogs building up in your drain. However, if these clogs are occurring often, there may be a hidden issue in need of expert plumbers.

At Gold Coast Leak Detection, we provide same-day drain unclogging and repairs. Get a quote today!

DIY Drain Clearing Solutions

If you are stuck and need a quick solution to keep you going until the plumbers can get there, you can try these tricks;

For hair or small objects caught in your drain, use a long wire hook (you can make this out of a coat hanger) to scoop out the clog. While this is a good solution to keep you going, it will only reach so far into the pipes.

A quick solution to remove a smaller grease clog is to combine liquid detergent with your hot water. The boiling water will melt the grease and the detergent will dissolve fats in the clog.

For more advice on drain unclogging, blocked drains and more get in touch with us for a fixed price quote. Servicing Gold Coast and surrounding areas with $0 call out fee.

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